2022 Seaford Hometown Heroes

2022 Seaford Hometown Heroes
Posted on 06/14/2022

There are 76 Seaford Hometown Heroes that are currently displayed in our downtown. These banners were made possible through Carson Hastings, President of the Delaware Children of the American Revolution and his fundraising efforts. The banners will remain up until Veteran’s Day. The location of each banner is down below. We are thankful for the sacrifices of our hometown heroes and are excited to honor them throughout town. A special shout-out to our Electric Department for hanging the banners! We appreciate everything they do. The banner applications are currently closed.

Corner of High St. & N. Front St.
-Adin Chambers
-Tec 4 William C. Phillips

Corner of High St. & N. Market St. 

-Richard Cory Passwaters
-Lt. Col. John H. Bennett Jr. 

S. Market St., 1st pole from High St. 
-Walter Snigier
-Lawrence (Larry) Buchert

S. Market St., 2nd pole from High St. 
-George W. Emory
-Thomas Parsons Lynch

S. Market St., 3rd pole from High St. 
-Nicholas Ryan Coulbourn
-Christopher Giffin

S. Market St. beside beginning of Riverwalk Park
-Thomas Peter McLaughlin 
-Glen Virgil Murphy

S. Market. St. pole before Blades Bridge
-Richard Raymond Frable
-Patrick Wayne Carey

N. Market St. beside City Hall
-Reuben Wesley Salisbury
-Donald W. Eskridge Sr. 

High St. beside City Hall
-Brice M. Smart Sr.
-Cecil Steward Jones

High St. beside Seaford Fire Museum
-Wesley C. Short
-Lt. Col. Robert Scott Bleile 

High St. near Dios Provee Antojitos Mexicanos
-Franklin W. Messick
-Evan W. Budke 

High St. beside Gallery 107
-Joseph Drugash
-John T. Shannon Jr. 

High St. beside Short Insurance 
-Martin Gerald Sammons
-Michael Fleetwood

High St. beside Jeffrey L Premo PA, Certified Public Accountant

-J. Paul Hastings
-Burdette Johnson

High St. beside C & C Country Kitchen/Market
-Michael Hastings
-Phillips H. Wheatley 

High St. beside Fantasy Beauty Salon
-Vaughn B. Russell
-Mondestin Pierrevil

High St. across from Linda Vista Real Estate Services
-Jesse O’Bier 
-Jeremy Matthew Kjos

High St. beside El Dominicano Market

-Nicholas Bronson
-SGT Cory L. Palmer 

Corner of High St. & N. Conwell St.
-George M. Johnson
-Gary Gaines

High St. across from former Act Two Florist
-Warren J. Hearn
-Gary J. Pinson

High St. across from Tienda La Bonita
-Brenda Jane Joseph
-BG Kenneth C. Madden

High St. across from Cordoba Liquors 
-Benjamin F. Chaffinch
-Sgt. Beau Allan Chaffinch 

Corner of High St. & Cedar Ave.
-Virgil Wilson
-Timothy R. Hall

High St. beside Keller Williams Realty
-Scott W. Smart, Jr. 
-SGM William F. Mulder

High St. beside Tienda La Bonita
-1SG Armore W. Rice Jr.
-Spc4 Ryan Patrick Long

Corner of High St. & Arcadia St. 
-Cpl Thomas Mark Perry
-Daniel Lee Murphy

Corner of High St. & S. Conwell St.
-1st Lt. Wilmer Clyde Cason
-Richard Zachary James

High St. beside Seaford Museum 
-Raymond A. Chatary, Sr.
-Richard Drummond

Corner of High St. & Pearl St. 
-Major L. Arnett II 
-Lt. Harold Coulbourn 

High St. beside Seaford Executive Center
-Joseph H. Emory
-Major Matthew T. Terry

Corner of High St. & S. Cannon St.
-Nicholas Cody Evans
-Michael Mulrine

High St. across from Every Fiber Coffee Co. 
-Corey A. Williamson
-Christopher M. Nichols

High St. beside Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church
-Rufus “Lester” Ammons
-Thomas James McLaughlin

High St. across from Short Insurance 
-William Franklin Lewis Sr.
-William T. Hill

Corner of High St. & S. Pine St.
-C.B. “Spuck” Bennett
-Myers Ronald Johnson Sr.

High St. beside My Sister’s Closet
-Hubert Louis Wright
-James Whaley

Corner of High St. & Spring St. 
-Frederick F. Bradley
-Richard Kenneth Hill

High St. across from City Hall
-Ronald Edward Chaffinch
-Roger Thomas Joseph