Waste Water

photo of the waste water treatment facility staffThe Seaford Wastewater Facility is a biological nutrient removal (BNR) designed to treat 2.0 MGD (million gallons per day) of wastewater. Organic and nitrogen compounds in the incoming wastewater are stabilized by a concentrated population of micro-organisms maintained within the facility. Additionally, phosphorus is removed from the wastewater through the means of coagulation and precipitation of phosphorus compounds. Following the BNR process, the treated water is then filtered, disinfected and de-chlorinated prior to being discharged from the facility. This process results in a plant effluent that is of exceptional quality.

Typical removal efficiency for various wastewater constituents:

  • BOD (organic compounds) = 99.3%
  • Total Suspended Solids = 99.3%
  • Total Nitrogen = 89%
  • Total Phosphorus = 90-95%

The solids generated during wastewater treatment are dewatered and sent off-site to Sussex County's regional solids handling facility for final processing.

Compost Distribution Days: The composting facility is closed and no longer producing compost.

Department Responsibilities:

Seaford's wastewater facility is staffed by six licensed operators. Each team member is highly skilled, and able to work in all divisions of the wastewater facility if needed. The areas of direct responsibility within the facility are:

  • Operations Coordinator
  • Pre-treatment Coordinator
  • Laboratory Operator
  • Maintenance Operator
  • Operations Facilitator
  • Solids Handling Facility Operator