Citizen Police Academy

2021 Academy (Applications Closed May 31st): June 16th- July 21st, Wednesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. 

The Citizens Police Academy (“CPA”) is an 6-week program designed to provide a direct overview of both law
enforcement and community-related functions of Seaford Police Department (SPD). Graduates of this course will have a better understanding of the operation of the Agency, and a greater awareness and appreciation of the daily challenges faced by our officers. There is no fee to attend this program; however, we request that applicants be committed to the full eight-weeks.

The Citizens Police Academy consists of classroom and hands-on instruction. Some of the topics covered during the CPA include the following and are subject to change at any time by our agency.

• Functions of the 911/Communications     • CPR/AED Certification
• Current Police Issues                                    • Defensive Tactics
• Officer Involved Shootings                           • Scenario Based Training (Airsoft) / Ride-Alongs
• Use of Force                                                    • Computer/Telephone Scams
• S.C.O.P.E Team                                               • Range/Firearms Safety
• And more…

All instructors for the academy are highly-trained and experienced police officers or professionals in their respective
fields. In addition to in-depth presentations and demonstrations over the 8-week period, class members will be given
the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions and hands on scenarios using airsoft weapons. Members will
receive instruction on proper weapon handling, weapons safety, and be allowed to participate in exercises. There will
be an evening spent at the range to fire police issued firearms, and discuss firearms safety. The Citizens Police
Academy will conclude with a graduation ceremony.

The Citizens Police Academy is open to all Delaware residents that are 18 years old or older. A clear copy of a valid
state-issued ID or driver’s license must be included with the application. A criminal history check will be performed on
all applicants. The class size is limited to 20 students. Due to the high demand for this course, applicants are
encouraged to apply immediately and include a valid email address on your application.

citizen's academy cpr class    officers instructing at police academy