photo of riverwalk park

Location: 204 S. Pine St.
Amenities: Boardwalk, Floating Dock, Benches, Walkway

The Seaford Riverwalk is located at the beginning of the Seaford-Blades Bridge directly along the riverfront. The sidewalk extends a little over 450ft and then connects to a larger 50ft boardwalk. Connected to the boardwalk is a floating dock used frequently for fishing and sometimes canoe/kayaking if the water level is high enough to properly load and unload into the water. Along the Riverwalk are several benches to sit and enjoy the views of the Nanticoke. The City has recently been in partnership with the Chesapeake Conservancy to extend our Riverwalk another 500ft by purchasing the adjoining piece of property known as Oyster House Park. The park currently has a large boardwalk that extends along the river and connects to the Riverwalk fishing pier. The park’s masterplan is divided into four phases that includes accessible walkways, an area for outdoor group gatherings, and a space to host events. The City’s goal is to continue completing these phases over the next several years with assistance from their partners.