Data Collectors making their way through Seaford

Data Collectors making their way through Seaford
Posted on 04/10/2023
Property owners should be on the lookout for data collectors beginning April. They will be making their way through Sussex County, visiting the more than 180,000 parcels on record, measuring improvements on each property and collecting data for the Sussex County Property Reassessment. Data collectors may also ask residents/occupants several questions about a property. The purpose is to get as much information about a given property so teams can accurately compute every parcel's value. 

It is important to be aware of what data collectors look like and how they operate. Please read the following and follow the links for more information:

*Data collectors drive a variety of personal vehicles, but all are marked with ‘Sussex County Assessment Contractor’ decals.
*Crew members wear bright yellow vests labeled with ‘Tyler’ and carry a County-issued ID badge to identify them. For a complete list, including photos, of contracted crew members, visit:
sussex-county-data-collectors.pdf (
*Data collectors will visit each property and attempt to make contact with the owner/occupant to take exterior measurements and photographs, as needed.
*Data collectors WILL NOT enter dwellings unless invited in, and will not remain on property if a minor is present or if asked by the owner/occupant to leave. In such cases, data collectors will make estimates from the public roadway before moving
on to the next parcel.

For frequently asked questions, please visit:
Sussex-County-FAQ.pdf (

For more information about the Sussex County Property Reassessment, please visit:
Sussex County, Delaware (
Email: [email protected]
Or Call: (302)854-5274