Pedestrian Safety Ordinance

Seaford Pedestrian Ordinance to Encourage Public Safety
Posted on 05/19/2022

Seaford Pedestrian Safety Ordinance to Encourage Public Safety 

May 19, 2022- The City of Seaford in partnership with the Seaford Police Department would like to give notice to the public that the Pedestrian Ordinance approved by City Council on February 22, 2022, is effective. The Pedestrian Ordinance is a new chapter to the code in Chapter 12, Section §12.1.13 that prohibits pedestrians from being upon a median unless that person is in the process of crossing and/or pedestrians and vehicles stopping or loitering within 200 feet of an intersection at any street or right-of-way within the limits of the City of Seaford. The 200-foot line has been marked on the impacted roadways on either side of the intersections.

This ordinance was brought forth to City Council in an effort to aid public safety during this unfortunate trend of rising pedestrian and vehicular accidents. In Seaford, there were 13 pedestrian crashes in 2021 as compared to 6 in 2020, marking over a 50% increase. Statewide, according to the Office of Highway Safety, there were 8 fatal pedestrian crashes from January-March 2022 as compared to 2 in January-March 2021. Example intersections that this ordinance applies to, but is not limited to, include the intersections of Sussex Highway at Tharp Road and Herring Run Road and at the intersections of Sussex Highway and Norman Eskridge Highway and Middleford Road.

Seaford Police Chief Marshall Craft stated his goal is to improve pedestrian safety by gaining voluntary compliance through education on the new ordinance, and by encouraging pedestrians to utilize crosswalks. The Seaford Police Department has ‘Pedestrian Safety’ flyers related to the new ordinance, which are on display in the police department lobby.

Officers will be handing out the flyers to pedestrians in violation of the new ordinance, and warnings will be given before enforcement in an attempt to save lives and educate the public. In addition, the police department’s in-house clinicians will be utilized for anyone needing resources related to substance use disorders, experiencing a mental health crisis, and/or homelessness. All pedestrians in violation of the ordinance will be treated equally. To access the full ordinance, you can visit our website at:   

Seaford Police Department encourages pedestrians to use caution at intersections and cross correctly to arrive safely. Always remain alert to the road while driving and watch the surroundings.


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