Conceptual Vision Plan

picture of front page of conceptual plan
Conceptual Vision Plan

Every community has a heart. A place where its soul is derived. That heart beats in our Historic Downtown, where unique character abounds.

The City of Seaford, along with the Seaford Chamber of Commerce, Seaford Tomorrow. and the Delaware Economic Development Office came together to craft a vision for downtown Seaford. The purpose of this vision was to harness the potential of downtown Seaford, and the unique character it provides, to push the momentum of the community forward and convert harness the power of current private sector investments to leverage longstanding public sector investment
downtown to transform Seaford, Delaware into a destination.

In March of 2016, led by Community Design Solutions of Columbia, South Carolina, over 150 citizens gathered together in focus groups and public meetings to craft this vision for the people of Seaford. This is truly a shared vision. A plan of the people, and a plan that is for the people. We place the utmost focus on quality of life and project that help to create the sensation that Seaford is the place to be. With a combination of market data, physical design, and branding and marketing, this plan not only covers the pretty pictures, but delves into the true market potential as well as how to invite new investors and new customers as we proceed. With a vision set and a plan in place, we will prove that Seaford is the Perfect Place to start! View the Seaford Riverfront Vision 2025