Electric FAQS

Who do I contact to report a power outage?
Contact the Seaford Electric Department at 302-629-4550. Calls to this number are also monitored after hours. 

Who do I contact to report a street light out?
Contact the Electric Dept. at 302-629-9841 or302-629-4550.

What should I do if I see downed power lines?

DO NOT GO NEAR THE POWER LINES! Power lines are energized with high voltages, sometimes greater than 7,000 volts and should always be considered energized and dangerous, even if they are not sparking. If you are in your house or car, remain inside. If you are in your car do not drive across or near the lines. Call the Electric Dept. at 302-629-9841. If no answer, call 302-629-4550.

Is there a program that can help me if I cannot afford to pay my energy bill?

There are programs operated by churches and other non-profit organizations that can provide assistance. The state of Delaware manages an assistance program with the Catholic Charities called the Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP). For more information contact the Catholic Charities at 302-856-6310 or visit their web site.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my energy bill?
Any questions regarding your energy bill can be referred to the Billing Representative at 302-629-9173 (City Hall).

What can I do to conserve energy and lower my energy bills?
The City of Seaford, in partnership with the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC), offers Efficiency Smart to help its residents and businesses reduce their energy use and save money. From advice on products or projects to rebates and discounts on energy improvements, Efficiency Smart can help you from start to finish.

Some of the many things you can do to conserve energy and lower your energy bills include:
Lower your thermostat setting in the winter and raise it in the summer.
Install a programmable thermostat
Lower the water heater temperature to 120 - 125 deg F.
Install an insulation blanket on the water heater.
Install insulation on pipes carrying water away from the water heater
Install or add insulation in the attic, ceiling, walls and floors
Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs
Use Energy Star rated appliances and computers
Change the furnace filter regularly (monthly at minimum)
Use window shades or curtains to keep sunlight (and heat) out in the summer
Open curtains or shades in the winter to allow the sun to help heat the inside
Weatherstrip doors and windows
Seal all HVAC duct work joints

Additional links for energy conservation ideas are listed below:

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