Who do I contact about dog problem?
If it is a dog problem, call the Delaware Animal Care & Control @ 302-698-3006.
If the dog is aggressive or vicious call the Seaford Police Department at 629-6644 ext. 236.
If you or another person are bitten by a dog, call 911 immediately to report the incident.

Do I need a building permit for fencing, sidewalks, driveways, and roofing?
Yes, contact the Code Department for more information.

Where do I go to get a building permit in Seaford?
City Hall located at 414 High Street.

When do I need a Sussex County building permit?
You should contact Sussex County Permits at 302-855-7720 whenever you obtain a building permit from Seaford; they will tell you if a permit is required from their office.

Who do I contact if my neighbor has trash piling up, junk cars or high grass in their yard?
Contact the Code Department at 302-629-9173. We will investigate your concern, determine if a Code violation exists and take appropriate action when necessary.

Am I responsible for maintaining the curbing, sidewalk, trees and vegetation abutting my property?
Yes, the property owner is responsible. This includes alleys or streets that run behind your property.

How do I protect my home from flood damage?
Seaford's Flood Hazard: Seaford is in a fairly good situation in regards to the elevations relative to flooding. On the banks of the Nanticoke River, we range from Eight (8) to Thirty (30) feet above sea level. These elevation place very few properties in the flood zone. To view information on Flood Protection, visit the Flood Zone Information Page