Preventing Sewage Backups

What can I do to prevent sewer backups?
Do not put anything in the sewer system that does not belong there. Locate and keep accessible the sewer property line cleanout. If you do not have a property line cleanout, have on installed by a plumber. The property line cleanout plus any additional cleanouts located on your property are the property owner's responsibility.

Buildings with floor drains and/or plumbing fixtures subject to backflow of sewage from the public sewer must have a "Backwater Valve" installed. For additional information regarding backwater valves, please contact the City of Seaford Building Official at (302) 629-9173.

How do I know if I have a property cleanout?

The property line cleanout is located inside the public right-of-way or easement near the curb line. It is to be kept above grade and uncovered. This property line clean out is used by the City to determine if the stoppage is on the public portion of the wastewater collection system, or on the property owner's portions.

Quite frequently, the property line cleanout becomes buried or hidden over the years and is forgotten. In some cases, older homes may not have had a property line cleanout installed by the plumber.
As a property owner, you are responsible for the property line cleanout. If this cleanout cannot be located, a registered plumber should be able to locate and raise it to grade for you.

If it is hidden by landscaping or other objects, you will need to make it easy for the City crew to access.