Smart Meters


What You Need To Know About Smart Meters

We upgraded to better serve you, our customers! We upgraded our current meter infrastructure with advanced meters, enabling us to deploy a host of services to our customers, while enhancing power quality and reliability. Advanced meters help us improve the way we do business, making our delivery system smarter and more accurate. Most importantly, these meters provide our customers near real-time information on usage data to help take control over their energy use and help manage their energy bills-at no additional cost.

  • GREATER CONVENIENCE - Because advanced meters use a wireless network to transmit usage information, meter readers no longer need to enter a customer's property to read a meter.
  • IMPROVED POWER QUALITY AND RELIABILITY - Advanced meters are capable of communicating data that notifies us when an outage or water leak has occurred and where the problem may be located. This improves our response time and how long a customer is without service.
  • ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Advanced meters provide online access to near real-time usage data to help manage costs. Plus, we can respond faster to either starting or stopping service.
  • MORE ACCURATE BILLING - We are better able to manage our business by providing more accurate and efficient billing. In the future, this can open the door to new programs that benefit the customer, such as real-time pricing and pre-paid services.


  • MANUAL METER READING-A meter reader has to enter your property to read the meter.
  • USAGE DATA EVERY 30 DAYS-Customers receive information on their usage once a month and after the fact, making it difficult to manage their bills.
  • TRADITIONAL RESTORATION-Visual inspection to determine location and cause of outage.
  • SERVICE REQUESTS-Requests to stop or start service would take several days to complete.


  • REMOTE METER READING-Usage data is sent over a secure wireless network to the utility, providing more accurate information.
  • USAGE DATA NEAR REAL-TIME-Customers will receive timely information on their energy usage, helping them make better decisions that can lower their costs.
  • IMPROVED RESTORATION-Visual inspection to determine location and cause of outage.
  • IMMEDIATE SERVICE-Requests to stop or start service can be done faster due to remote capabilities.

What is an advanced meter?

An advanced meter is a digital device that not only reads usage data for electricity and water, but transmits that data to us over a secure wireless network. Unlike the current analog meters, advanced meters do not need to be read by a meter reader, and provide two-way communication for improved efficiencies and outage management.

Why were the meters changed?

Unfortunately, our current meter infrastructure was aging and needed to be replaced. Instead of replacing the meters with a similar product, we looked at making an investment in state-of-the art infrastructure that will provide long-term reliability and greater benefits to our residents and businesses. Doing so with advanced meters enabled us to provide a higher level of service and quicker response times. 

Are advanced meters safe?

Yes, advanced meters are safe. They must meet safety requirements and standards as defined by the National Electric Safety Code. These meters were installed only by trained professionals, who exercise standard safety precautions.

Will my account and usage information remain confidential?

Our system adheres to the best practices and standards for cyber security and privacy. Our meters and associated communication system are encrypted and equipped with security measures to prevent unauthorized access and detect attempts at theft. Moreover, companies, from utilities to developers, are working with federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to strengthen privacy and security standards to provide even more safeguards for consumer protection.

Will implementing this program raise my bill?

Implementing the AMI program is not expected to raise our customers' rates. It will, however, help our customers become more engaged in their electricity/water usage and help them better manage their usage, which could save money in the long run. 

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