Sidewalk Loan Program

photo of a good sidewalk and photo of a cracked sidewalk


The sidewalk loan program is a no interest loan program to aid property owner with installation or replacement of existing sidewalks. 


  • The applicant may elect to submit monthly payments in lieu of the annual payment for their benefit. The applicant will receive an annual billing until repayment is made in full.

  • The property owner's sidewalk and/or curbing installation must be in accordance with the City's established specifications.

  • The applicant must sign a formal Sidewalk and/or Curb Loan Agreement with the City of Seaford prior to receiving any funds.

  • The owner must be current with all billings, permit fees, etc. under the Financial Good Standing Ordinance to be eligible for this loan program.

How It Works:
  • The maximum loan amount of ($3,000) three thousand dollars per property (unless the property is located on a corner lot, then the maximum amount of the loan shall be ($6,000) six thousand dollars) is to be reimbursed to the City by the Property Owner within four years of completion of the installation at no interest

  • Payments are to be made at a minimum of four (4) annual installments of one-fourth (1/4) the total amount each year.

  • The owner is responsible to hire an independent contractor, who will be required to submit to the City a scope of work and cost estimate, prior to the commencement of the work. It will be reviewed and approved by the Code Department. All installations will be inspected by the Code Department before funds are released to pay the contractor. All sidewalk installations will be in adherence with the City of Seaford specifications. 

For more information regarding this loan program please contact Mike Bailey, Building Official at 302.629.9173 or via email at [email protected]