Parade Registration Form

2023 Seaford Christmas Parade

Seaford Christmas Parade Entry Form

2023 Parade Theme: The Magic of Christmas

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 7:00 p.m. 

Registration Deadline: Monday, November 27, 2023 by 4 p.m.

No Rain Date


Judging Categories:Check only ONE Category

Antique/Classic Auto          Motorized Non-Profit Group         Marching/Walking Youth (18 or under)

Street Rod/Custom       Motorized Commerical          Marching/Walking Adult

Truck/Car Club          Float Non-Profit Group          Farm Machinery 

Motorcycle Club         Float Commercial               School Marching Band

Equestrian/Animals           Pageant Winners          



Fire Department Categories(Check ONE):

Best Individually Decorated FD Vehicle        Best Appearing Overall FD Presentation 

Please note that entries not in the above categories may still enter. However, only the above categories are eligible for awards. 


Exact Name of Unit (to be used for Registration):  

All participants must know the exact name as completed above. This is how the information will be labeled at the registration trailer. 

Special Guest, if any.   Name:       Title: 


Size Description of Unit: The accuracy of this is important as the measurements are used for laying out the parade line-up to ensure adequate space is allowed for each unit.

Size of Unit:  25 Feet         50 Feet       75 Feet       Other:  


Each year we have announcers to provide commentary for the crowd about each entry as it passes by. It is very helpful if they have some interesting facts about an entry.

Please provide below information to be shared with the parade-watchers about your entry.


There are also four overall categories for judging. Entries for these categories are judged in the line-up area beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Winners of overall categories are not eligible to win prizes in categories listed above.

The four overall categories are: Best Use of Theme, Mayor's Choice, Sussex County Council Choice, Kiwanis Club Choice. To be eligible for judging, entries must be received no later than Monday, November 27, 2023.


Participants agree to abide by Seaford Christmas Parade Rules. 

Contact Person: 


Telephone Number: 



Please provide any additional information on your entry in the box below. 

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