Updates to Online Payment System

New Updates to Online Payment System
Posted on 04/21/2022
Dear Utility Customers, 

Our online payment system, WIPP, has recently gone through an update and has new features. We would like to make you aware of these changes and how this can impact your payment process. When you access the website, you will notice new prompts towards the top. In the top blue box on the left is a prompt “Registered Users: Click Here to Log In” and to the right is “New Users: Click Here to Register”. This is a new feature where customers can now register as a user to save their accounts, store a payment method, and schedule payments. 

With this new feature, if you choose to create an account and schedule a payment, you cannot schedule a payment for that same day. We suggest planning ahead when you would need to log in to schedule your payment in respect to the deadlines. (As a registered user logging in on April 14th you must schedule the payment for April 15th). This payment may take a couple of days for the city to receive.

 If you are choosing to pay a bill same day through the system, you must use the traditional Account ID and Account PIN process for same day payment processing. This payment will not be received until the next business day.  

A friendly reminder that online payment for a disconnected account will not result in an automatic reconnection. We will not receive notice until the next business day and fees must be paid in person. There are no after hours reconnects with online payment. 

We hope that you will enjoy the new feature to help streamline the payment process. If you have any questions concerning the system, please reach out to us at 302-629-9173.