Department Contacts:
Bill Bennett, Director of Electric
Contact Us:
8000 Herring Run Road
P.O. Box 1100
Seaford, DE 19973
302-628-6022 Fax
302-629-4550 After Hours Emergency

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
Fall/Winter Hours 8:00am to 5:00pm
Spring/Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 7:00am to 4:00pm
About Us
The City of Seaford Electric Dept. provides electric power to approximately 6700 customers (3600 electric meters) within the city limits. The city owns and maintains 3 substations, 81 miles of distribution lines, both overhead and underground, and 3 miles of transmission lines, all overhead. This complex network of lines and substations is maintained by a highly trained and dedicated staff. The department consist of the Director of Electric, an Operations Coordinator, a Technical leader and 7 Lineman. The Seaford Electric Dept. is committed to providing its customers with the most cost effective and reliable power possible.
 In 2008 the City of Seaford purchased more than 114.2 million KWH of energy for distribution to its customers. Our peak demand was 25,400 KW in 2007. Its association with the Delaware Municipal Electric Corp. (DEMEC) allows the city to purchase electric energy at some of the lowest rates possible while maintaining price stability in a volatile energy market. DEMEC is a joint action agency consisting of 9 municipal electric utilities in the state of Delaware. You can learn more about DEMEC at
Energy Efficiency Services

The City of Seaford, in collaboration with Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC), has partnered with Efficiency Smart to help our residential and business cusoterms save energy and money.  From advice on products or project to rebates and discounts on energy improvements, Efficiency Smart can help you from start to finish.  To learn more about how you or your business can begin taking advantage of these savings, visit Seaford's page on Efficiency Smart's website by clicking the Efficiency Smart button below or conact their customer support staff at 1-877-889-3777 or

Customer Charge - May 2013

The City of Seaford is adopting a Customer Charge in its electric rates.  This action will remove a corresponding dollar amount from the energy rates to create this Customer Charge.  As a result virtually all of the City's electric customers will see no difference in the current amount of their electric bills.  The Customer Charge is also being introduced at the same time the City's Power Cost Adjustment Clause rate is going down, so all customers will see a reduction in their monthly electric bills.
The Customer Charge is an industry standard charge to collect some of the fixed cost of electric services.  These fixed costs may include some of the cost of administration services, monthly billing and meter reading, tree trimming, and some of the carrying costs for transformers, wires, poles, meters and other infrastructure used to provide the customer electrical service.
In the past the City of Seaford has charged for all its infrastructure, administration and billing services in the energy charge within its electric rates.  However with a changing industry there is the need to lower electric energy charges and to collect some of the fixed costs in a separate Customer Charge.  The use of a Customer Charge will provide a stable source of revenues to provide for the supply of electricity to all customers.  This change will allow the City of Seaford to sustain our distribution system and continues to provide reliable electric service.
Currently nine (9) of the eleven (11) Delaware electric utilities have implemented a Customer Charge.  The Customer Charge implemented by the City will be the lowest Customer Charges currently in place by any of the nine (9) Delaware electric utilities.  For example Delmarva Power currently has a $9.35/month Customer Charge and Delaware Electric Cooperative has a $7.95/month Customer Charge.
Contacting Us
Although we do our very best to keep the lights on, events beyond our control such as weather, animals or vehicular accidents can and will cause the occasional interruption in electric service. To report an outage, downed lines or other electric issues contact the Seaford Electric Dept. at 302-629-9841. In the event of an emergency or no answer at the Electric Dept. contact the Seaford Police Dept. at 302-629-4550. You can also submit non-emergency requests on our Request Tracker, located on the left side of this page.

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