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Approved Budget Rev/Exp


Tax Rates & Information

Assessment is based on 2019 market values.

The City of Seaford's taxes are assessed at 100% of appraised value and taxed at $.34 per $100 of assessed value.
The tax year runs from July 1st to June 30th and tax bills are due to be paid by August 31st.
After August 31st, a 1 ½% penalty will be assessed until paid.

The City of Seaford began the process of a  tax reassessment in July 2018 and is currently underway.

FAQs regarding the Property Tax Reassessment

  • What is a Reassessment?
    • A reassessment is when a municipality stablishes an official value of real property within the municipality.
  • Why do a Reassessment?
    • The purpose of a reassessment is to fairly distribute the tax burden among all property owners based on the current value of their property. Real estate is appraised so that all property owners fairly share the costs of City services, such as police protection, street cleaning and maintenance, plowing snow, Clean Up week, collecting yard waste, maintenance of City parks and many other services.
  • When was the last reassessment done in the City of Seaford?
    • The last citywide reassessment was conducted in 2008.
  • Who did the reassessment?
    • The City of Seaford has contracted with PTA/DelVal to conduct the reassessment.
  • How is market value of my property determined by the reassessment firm?
    • Licensed assessors review information from inspection of the property, and analyze and compare all recent property sales in each neighborhood. Those comparable sales are used to formulate the valuations in that specific neighborhood. Variables such as age, size, quality, condition, location and amenities are important factors given consideration.
  • How are businesses or commercial properties reassessed?
    • Reassessment of commercial properties works much the same way as reassessment of residential properties. Trained certified assessors gather information such as physical characteristics, replacement cost, land values and circumstances regarding any recent property purchases. Income and expense information may be requested because it is related to what investors are willing to pay for property.  
  • When will I be notified about my assessment?
    • Licensed assessors are currently doing the field work portion of the project. They plan to have this completed by September. It is expected to mail notices to all property owners in January, 2019. Property owners will have the chance to meet with the assessors to ask any questions about the value estimate.
  • What should I do when I receive the proposed real estate property assessment letter?
    • Read the letter carefully. You will find not only the new valuation of your property, but instructions on how to proceed, depending on whether or not you agree with your property’s assessment. If you believe the new valuation is an appropriate assessment of your property’s value, you don’t need to take any action.
    • If you are not satisfied with the result of your new assessment and wish to discuss your new assessment, please refer to the letter for dates and times that you can discuss this with the assessor. 
  • Will the new City reassessment affect my Sussex County assessment?
    • No. Sussex County taxes and the City of Seaford taxes are calculated independently. This reassessment will not affect your county taxes.
If you have any other questions regarding the reassessment or your tax bill, Tracy Torbert, Executive Secretary, is here to assist you. She can be reached at 302-629-9173 or

Billing & Collection

  1. Meter readings are obtained once a month.
  2. Billings are calculated from the meter readings and mailed to the customer.
  3. Bills are typically due around the 25th of the month.  However, a grace period exists until the 5th of the following month.  The grace period is to allow the customer additional time to make payment prior to penalty being applied.
  4. If a utility bill is not paid by 5 pm on the 5th of the month, 1.5% penalty is assessed on the past due outstanding balance.  Penalty is considered a “demand” charge, meaning due upon assessment. 
  5. When payments are received and entered into the Cash Receipt system, the system automatically applies the payment to any penalty first and principal balance second.  We checked with other utility providers and our software provider and this is the standard practice. 
  6. If penalty is assessed and paid prior to the next bill being generated, the customer will not see a penalty charge on that next bill.  Any balances remaining will be shown as an outstanding or previous service balance.
Example #1:  A customer owes a total of $191.31 and does not pay by the 5th:  $21.95 Water, $44.30 Sewer, and $125.06 Electric.  Penalty is assessed:  $0.33 Water, $0.66 Sewer, and $1.88 Electric.  The customer makes a payment of $191.31 on the 8th.  The payment is applied to penalty first and then to the Water, Sewer, and Electric service balances.  When the next bill is generated on the 10th, a previous balance of $0.33 Water, $0.66 Sewer, and $1.88 Electric is shown because the penalty has already been paid.
Example #2:  A customer owes a total of $113.29 and does not pay by the 5th:  $113.29 Electric.  Penalty is assessed:  $1.70 Electric.  The customer does NOT make a payment.  When the next bill is generated on the 10th, a previous balance of $113.29 Electric is shown and penalty of $1.70 is shown because no payment has been made.
To avoid any penalty being assessed, the customer must pay their bill in full anytime from receipt of the bill until 5 p.m. on the 5th of the month.

Bill Payment Options

The City accepts the following forms of payment:
  1. Cash
  2. Check or Money Order
  3. Automated Bank Draft – Processed on the 1st business day of the month.  Forms available at the City Hall office.
  4. On-line Payments (City’s Website) – Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Check.  Convenience fee applies.  Payments scheduled by 11:59 pm on that day will be processed as of the next business day.  Visit our web site at
  5. On-line Payments (Customer’s Bank) – A customer may set up payments through his/her bank’s on-line payment system.  Even though the customer is not physically writing a check, the bank is writing and mailing a check to the City of Seaford.  This form of payment requires additional processing time because it is NOT automatic or “electronic”.  If the customer schedules the payment as of the 5th of the month, the City may not receive it for several days after that date because of the mail service.

E-Bills Available

Want to have your bill information available at your fingertips with a click of a button?  Sign up for E-Bills today by calling the office at 302.629.9173 or email your request to
For more information about our billing or payment options,
 please contact customer service at 302.629.9173.
All requests for services will be denied until all accounts are in "Good Standing". Examples of such are: Taxes, Utilities, Licenses, Permits, Violation Enforcement Charges and Project Fees. Restoration of disconnected service requires payment in full plus all additional fees and additional deposits. Reconnections will not take place after 8 p.m.

Fees Associated With Disconnected Service
$40.00 Administration Fee before 4:00 p.m.
$60.00 Administration Fee after 4:00 p.m.
$25.00 Additional Meter Deposit

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Administration