Hydrant Flushing Begins September 30th

The City of Seaford Public Works Department will begin the annual fire hydrant flushing program Monday, September 30, 2019.
Hydrant flushing will take place Monday through Friday between 8 am to 4 pm. The program will start on the west side of the City and work east, and should take between 4 - 6 weeks to complete.  Our towers and wells are interconnected with our distribution system so it is important to check your water quality before washing clothes, running the dishwater or any other sensitive use during the entire period. 
Fire hydrant flushing may cause temporary inconveniences such as a reduction in water pressure and aesthetic issues such as discoloration of the drinking water. Flushing stirs up sediment, iron and manganese mineral deposits in the water mains causing temporary discoloration. Discolored water poses no threat to the public’s health, but may stain laundry and if consumed may have an unpleasant taste. If you notice discolored water it is recommended that you first run an outside hose bibb until it clears up. Resident’s should be certain all discolored water is out of their home’s plumbing lines and hot water heater and that the water is clear before laundering clothes or drinking it.
Although residents may experience some temporary inconveniences, the flushing program is necessary to maintain a good water supply for both firefighting and domestic consumption. Your patience with the annual fire hydrant flushing program is appreciated.
If you continue to experience discolored water after you allow your water to run for a while to clear up, please contact Berley Mears at the Public Works Department at 302-629-8307. In the event discolored water causes staining problems, do not place stained clothes into the dryer as drying the clothes will permanently set the stains. Rust remover may be available at the Utility Building, 8000 Herring Run Road, during normal business hours.
If you have questions about our Fire Hydrant Maintenance Program, please contact Berley Mears, Director of Public Works or Lisa Gillespie, Operations Coordinator of Public Works at 302-629-8307.

Riverview Park Temporarily Closed

Riverview Park
Adjacent to Seaford Boat Ramp
(The Boat Ramp Will Remain Open)
Monday, August 12, 2019
Duration is anticipated to be 90 days.
We have partnered with the State of Delaware Soil Conservation District to construct a living shoreline, along with the rip rap stabilization project located along the riverbank at Riverview Park; adjacent to the Seaford Boat Ramp. A boardwalk structure will act as a wave attenuation device to slow the force of the water against the shore to help minimize future erosion.
The total project cost is estimated to be $450,000 and is being fully funded by grants obtained by the Conservation district.
The project will begin on Monday, August 12, 2019 and take approximately 90 days to construct. During this time the park will be closed to the public. 
Please contact Berley Mears, Director of Public Work via email at publicworks@seafordde.com or at 302-629-8307 with any questions.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Disconnection Proceedures Begin January 1, 2019

Starting JANUARY 1, 2019 Electric disconnects will be done remotely AND NEW FEES IN EFFECT.
Electric/Water DELINQUENT FEE $40.00 on all payments not received by end of business day on the 5th
Additional Electric Meter Deposit $25.00
*NEW* Electric RECONNECT FEE $25.00 (Business Hours)
*NEW* Water RECONNECT FEE $40.00 (Business Hours)
*NEW* Electric RECONNECT FEE $100.00 (After Hours)
*NEW* Water RECONNECT $60.00 (After Hours)
Cash will NOT be accepted as a form of payment afterhours. Check, Money Order, Or On line payment (payment confirmation must be taken to Police Station or forwarded to: 302-841-7622.
Notices will NOT be left at your door on day of disconnect
Please read your bill for all your payment options.
If you have questions about getting service restored after business hours, please call: 302-841-7622.

Audited Financial Statement for the Period Ending June 30, 2018 Now Available 

At a City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, members from S B & Company, LLC presented the Audited Financial Statements for the period ending June 30, 2018 to the members of the City Council and public. The complete information can be found below. 

Click here for Click here for Audited Financial Statements

City Offers Bill Pay and E-Bill Options

Did you know the City of Seaford offers several bill pay options for your utility services?  We also offer electronic billing too!  For more infomration about these options and a description of our billing and collection process, please see the document below, or visit the Admistration Department page. 

Click here for Bill Pay & E-Bill Options

FY2015 Audited Financial Statement Now Available

At a Council meeting on Tuesday, November 25, a member of Pigg, Krahl and Stern presented the FY2015 Audited Financial Statements to the members of Council and the public.  The complete information can be found below.

Click here for FY2015 Audited Financial Statements and Presentation

Sussex County Launches Smart911 Service For Public

Sussex County wants the public to be smart when it comes to preparing for the worst.
The County, in partnership with Delaware State Police, the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Seaford and Rehoboth Beach 9-1-1 dispatch centers, announced Thursday, Sept. 11, a new high-tech tool designed to give first responders critical information about those in need when seconds count.
Called Smart911™, the online service allows any Sussex County resident to create a Safety Profile for his or her household, and pre-load information in that profile should someone ever need to call 9-1-1. The service, which is completely voluntary and free to use, is unique in that it allows users to control their information, which travels with them wherever they may go in the United States, so long as another jurisdiction uses the Smart911™ program. The service, available at www.smart911.com, is especially helpful for people with specialized conditions, young children, or mobile phones, which unlike a home or business, do not have a physical address.
For instance, a diabetic with asthma could include his or her specific medical information in a Safety Profile, which would also include that person's mobile telephone number and home address. If the user ever dials 9-1-1, the pre-loaded information will display on a dispatcher's screen at any 9-1-1 center that uses Smart911™ - whether in Sussex County, Del., or King County, Wash. Meanwhile, parents can include pictures of their children in their household profiles that could be used to give first responders an instant image should a child ever become lost.
Information is encrypted and never released publicly, and is only relayed to dispatchers when a phone number associated with a household's pre-loaded profile calls 9-1-1.
"Taking a few minutes now to answer some basic questions could be a life-saver when you or someone in your family needs help," said Sussex County Council President Michael H. Vincent, who is also a longtime volunteer firefighter and former Seaford fire chief. "What Smart911 allows the public to do is to plan ahead, when people are calm and thinking clearly. They answer many of the same questions dispatchers would ask during an emergency call, when the situation might be chaotic, and it all can be done in just a few minutes. That could save precious minutes later on when timing is everything."
Smart911™ provides details that otherwise would have to be collected in the moment of crisis, which can affect the type and speed of response when an emergency call is placed. That can mean the difference between life and death.
Sussex County is providing the new service to the public at no cost to individual users or families. County Council included funding for the service beginning in the FY2014 budget.
"The Smart911 service represents another critical investment Sussex County has made in public safety," County Administrator Todd F. Lawson said. "Public safety is the single-biggest, and arguably most important, investment the County makes each year, from our award-winning EMS service and state-of-the-art 911 center to our partnerships with local fire companies and local and State police. We're proud to be able to offer this life- and time-saving service to the people of Sussex County."
Developed by Rave Mobile Safety and launched in 2010, Smart911™ is available in more than 1,000 communities in 35 states. In Delaware, Sussex County is the second jurisdiction to implement Smart911™; New Castle County has utilized the service since 2013.
"Smart911 allows a person to add cell phone numbers, pictures of family members, and any conditions or information that they believe would help dispatchers send the appropriate response," Sussex County Emergency Operations Center Director Joseph L. Thomas said. "This will be especially helpful for those visiting our communities. If you are here on vacation and have a Smart911 profile, and an unfortunate emergency arises, this tool will give our 911 dispatchers the information they need to assist quickly in a time of need. We're proud to be able to offer the peace of mind that Smart911 provides."
To learn more about Smart911™ or to sign up, click the Smart911™ badge on the Sussex County website at www.sussexcountyde.gov or go directly to www.smart911.com. For residents without Internet service, Smart911™ information and registration is available at any library in Sussex County.
For further information or assistance, please call (302) 855-7801.